Vacation | Sayulita, MX

In the entirety of my adult life I have never gotten to go on a vacation or even been able to say I paid for a trip of any sort 100% on my own, But I finally get to say I did it! We ventured down to Sayulita, Mexico in February for 7 whole days of relaxation and absolutely nothing work related. I have honestly never gone on a trip that had nothing to do with work. Traveling for work is a non stop stress fest, traveling for pleasure is fun, I didn't have to worry about anything which was nice because our flight got delayed and we didn't get in until 1am when we were supposed to arrive at 3pm. Had I been traveling for work I would have probably broken down in the Mexico City airport and cried at the fact that I was getting in 8 hours late, starving, and likely have to shoot an 8-12 hour wedding early the next day. But I wasn't traveling for work, it was for vacation, so we grabbed cheap beers and got drunk in an airport. It was different and I loved it.

I brought my camera with the hopes that I'd wonder around and snap photos of our travels throughout our seven day stay in the charming beach side town of Sayulita, but I was wrong. I brought my camera out one day, ONE DAY. I just couldn't be bothered to focus on setting up frames or switching f-stops, apertures, or ISO's. I just really wanted to RELAX and enjoy each moment that I felt I fully deserved to be in 100%. Because of this I realized EXACTLY why I am a photographer, I love capturing moments for the people I photograph! I love that I am there so they can do exactly what it was I wanted to do on my vacation and that is just be in the moment 100%. This is why photographers exist, this is why I have a job, because you deserve to be 100% in your moments.

Here are the only 24 photos I took on my 7 day vacation.