The Day After | Ouray, CO

Part two of Kerri and Aaron's San Juan Mountains wedding is a day after session. Day after sessions can be integral to your wedding photo needs! Sometime the stress of a wedding day can get to you and put your mood out so the best you isn't shinning through or maybe you had envisioned an epic location like Kerri and Aaron have here in the San Juan Mountains, but don't have time to make the treck during your day. That is what day after sessions are for; stress free, intimate, and epic photos!

I scouted this location two days earlier upon my arrival at Chipeta Solar Springs. I drove around the back roads for hours trying to find the perfect spot with great views. I happened upon this field in a property that was up for sale and it was magical! Check out that perfect early morning overcast light, heart eyes for days.

Check out there wedding day here is you haven't already.